Tony X


Full Name : Potego Anthony Mogano

Born : 10 March 1996

Residence : Auckland Park, Johannesburg

Genre: RnB/Hip-Hop

Born and bred from the platinum city in the North West, Rustenburg , Tony_x is believed to be the RnB savior in south Africa. Since the Rnb industry is semi to almost non-existent in Mzanzi, he aspires to be one of the pioneers of the RnB industry, that appeals to the younger generation. With influences of Chris Brown, Omarion & Bryson Tiller to name a few, he comes through with melodic hooks with lyrics that relate to content about love, lust, the party life and heart break. A big part of his music is storytelling, he believes that music is a tool to express yourself and he wants to share his experiences. As a second year student he believes his music is getting better by the song due to living the student life and being more exposed to life. In simple terms, he gets better by the song.WhatsApp Image 2017-04-06 at 12.38.26

Alongside D.EE XCLSV, Venxm BLVD & DiegoZA, he is part of a multi-genre music group called S.K.I Life all from the same city.  They have shared the stage with a number of major South African artists on stages like iRock DSTV and have also featured on a few radio stations such as 5FM and their home radio station Mafisa FM. Tony_x has worked behind the scenes for some artists like Fifi Cooper doing backing vocals at Fifi’s first live radio performance at the RedBull Studios to name one. This shows that the artist has a lot of hunger and a lot of promise to make it big in the industry.




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