Full Names : Didintle Mokhine

Born : 15 August 1996

Residing : Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

Genre : Hip-Hop/ Rap

Hailing from the dusty streets of Rustenburg, North West, D.EE XCLSV is a new age rapper/singer. Described by many as a musical genius, this artists’ vivid lyrical ability and the ability to make stories come to life with words is one of the many reasons he is adored by hip hop lovers. Inspired by artists such as J.Cole and Kid Ink , his brand of hip hop composes of a fresh mixture of mind-blowing lyrical ability and smooth sounding hooks and it is this very mixture between the two types of music that makes his music have a larger mass appeal to the market as he caters for everyone. Born Didintle Mokhine, the 96’born artist has always had a love for the art of hip hop and was fascinated by the ability of artists such as Nas and Biggie to string together words in such a manner that would captivate one’s heart and mind for a full song. It was in 2009 that he too tried his hand in writing music and was hooked ever since.


D.EE was a member of the renowned musical group S.K.I Life Entertainment which boasted 3 co-members which are also from the North West. The group was formed in 2011 and had been able to release a multi-genre mixtape which was extremely well received.  With the group, D.EE has performed alongside a number of major acts in the South African Music scene including the likes of K.O , Da LES , Dream Team , DJ Speedsta and AKA. The group were interviewed on 5FM about their projects and have had airplay on various radio stations such as Mafisa FM , VOW FM , Venrap radio Station and many more.

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In terms of differentiating oneself from various other artists in the game, firstly D.EE XCLSV fits into the emerging bracket of young artists that are taking the game by the throat. Born in 1996, D.EE XCLSV also breaks the stereotype that’s been circulating the game about artists not taking their education seriously and eventually losing their financial wealth by virtue of the fact that he is a student of the University of Johannesburg studying business management, which he can use later within the entertainment industry. This would also allow access to a somewhat untapped market of varsity stars that are actually within their campus and have close interaction with their fans and target market , something that a Nasty C or A Reece does not boast.

This is further magnified by the fact that D.EE hails from the city of Rustenburg, a completely untapped market. South Africa has not had the pleasure of breaking an artist from Rustenburg as yet, and the hip hop culture there is growing immensely just waiting for a catalyst to make it jump. It would also mean he has a whole town supporting him because he put them on the map in terms of people now knowing that they can invest in the small town with regards to entertainment.

Known to be quite a hit with the ladies, most of D.EE’s fans are female and that is because of the music. They are able to relate to the music and get the full gist of what he entails as an artist and a brand. A lot of female fans comment on Instagram and Facebook posts. D.EE is also very fashion orientated and loves the visual aesthetic that fashion and clothing brings to the equation.

Along with the undeniable music, the fashion and image eye, the young age, the small town of supporters D.EE was recently casted in the reality TV hip hop show VUZU HUSTLE and was a hit on the show with controversial moments and moments that will be the topic of discussion for the longest time. D.EE is currently in the top 14 rappers in the country as voted for by AKA, Khuli Chana and Stogie To the show and this is set to give an even bigger platform and stage set up for the rest of 2017.


Outta Kontrol (Prod. By Venxm BLVD)

One For The Park (Puttin’ On) [Prod. By Venxm BLVD]


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