NEW HEAT!!! DJ Switch – On The Way (Feat. D.EE XCLSV, Luna Florentino and Maraza)

Pause a bit, breathe a bit, let this marinate a bit… DJ flippen Switch, bro!! DJ Switch has done it! After dropping 4Ways, you would think that he would take a break but what does he do? Call up D.EE, Maraza and Luna for that heat. The boys keep on giving us heat bro, wonder what they have coming next. Let me not say more, listen to “On The Way” and you’ll know.

On The Way


Darne – Benzo Interlude (feat. Stellenbosch University Choir) [Prod. Venxm BLVD]

BLAQVILLE’s Darne and Venxm BLVD have done it yet again. It seems that this pairing is just one for the books. The new “Benzo Interlude” follows as the third time Darne and Venxm have released work together. What does this say about these two? Should we expect more?

Make sure you listen to Darne’s new release. The boy just gets better with every song bro!!

D.EE XCLSV’s Spaceship is fueling up for Vuzu’s “The Hustle” ep. 2

After a very impressive first show, D.EE jumped right up to crowd favorite on The Hustle but does this make him the man to beat too? The spaceship is now fueling up and getting ready for another show from the boy himself.

Question is: Has he  set the standard too high for his competition or does he need to step up? Will he proceed into the next episode? Well we can only find out tonight at 19:30 on both Vuzu and Vuzu AMP. Come watch it with us and join the spaceship on WhatsApp.

Check out what people have to say about D.EE on The Hustle below:


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Angie Santana to drop “All Of This” on 04.07

We’re proud to announce that Angie Santana will be dropping our first official BLVCK Music drop with “All Of This”, accompanied by Thwenny Twenny and Castino.

The pressure is on for Angie as her last single, “No Condition” caused a heavy stir and she also brought us to our tears with her vocals on Sean Pages’ “Good Thing”. We can promise one thing, though; it is about to be a jump!

This is just the beginning for BLVCK Music, keep checking for more updates and more music to come soon.

New Music: Sean Pages – Good Thing ft. Angie Santana

Sean Pages calls up our very own Angie Santana in the beautiful tale of failed love with “Good Thing”. Makes us wonder what more good music these two may have coming for us. 
Download/Stream the song via SlikourOn here.

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Listen and Download: DiegoZA – Turn Up Juice

With this very charismatic rapper having so much planned for 2017, it’s only right that we get ready for the year with a jump again. Him and Venxm BLVD sure made a hit on this one.

Nino Maravilla, as he likes to call himself, has 2 EPs in the works and 4 singles to push. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a whole lotta dancing for us. This is honestly one of the best songs to grace our ears last year and to prove how timeless this tune is, I get the feeling that for some, you’ll only be catching on this year. Don’t miss out!!

Stream Turn Up Juice:


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Listen and Download: D.EE XCLSV – Outta Kontrol

While you guys wait for “RED”, Let’s remind ourselves about how great D.EE XCLSV is as he takes a very different approach to this song. Boasting his singing ability and his versatility with the support of a Venxm BLVD beat. Still HOT!!

Listen to this BLVCK MUSICian and be ready, D.EE is about to paint the year RED!



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Venxm BLVD to finally drop Braam AM in late Feb

After deciding not to drop Braam AM last May because of him being uncomfortable with the overall quality of the song, “Sex Gawd” has finally decided to release this anthem. This is most probably the next best song this year after 10 Fingers by AKA. This single will feature 108 and is produced by Venxm BLVD, himself.

Meanwhile get to his latest production – L-Tido – My Squad ft Darne, Fifresh and Ckassa on SlikourOn now.

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People You Should Know: JSK X.X.V.I

For all those who don’t know this guy, he is Mr “HYPE Freshman 2017”, Mr “The Radio Asks For My Songs”, Mr “I Never Lied On A Song”, Mr “Go Ahead And Make Some Money”. While most people know him as JSK X.X.V.I(26), I know him as Thokozani Mkhwanazi, the Mpumalanga kid doing big things.


I first heard of this 23 year old through the Twitter streets, and the noise was unbearable. So I naturally decided to listen and from that point, I had been introduced to a brother. JSK’s music has been a reference point for most of my life’s woes and celebrations. With sharp lyricism, passion driven storytelling and banging beats, JSK slowly sneaked into my life as a therapist through his music. With every project, I feel like he secretly hid a piece of encouragement or a sense reassurance that I’m not alone.

Things really started popping for this man when his Nostalgia EP started picking up with lead single, “Lighters” started getting airplay and things started looking a little different for the boy. 6 clean songs which were well written, well produced and very well placed together were surely going  to score him 5000+ streams but he didn’t stop there. The year of the Frequencies took place and presented JSK with his best year yet. 3 weeks at the peak of UJFM’s charts, 2 songs at the peak of YFM’s “The Bomb Chart”and still, he was not done.

JSK ended the year very well with Frequencies 2 dropping, which turned out to be my favorite of all because of my mind state at that point and obviously the great quality in the EP. So many things in that EP that were placed to encourage, to comfort and to give hope to it’s listeners which, in my opinion is the main reason why he has never lost a listener. With that done, “Sober” happened and I knew he was up to no good. Listen to “Frequencies 2” here:

His latest accolade comes with him beginning the year on the cover of HYPE Magazine among some of the most promising rappers for 2017. This was just another sign that this Mpumalanga storyteller is not here to play any games and that he’s only going to make it one way and that’s the most powerful route for any musician; Pure emotion.


Listen to his latest single, “Sober”:

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May the Frequencies be with you.