Darne – Benzo Interlude (feat. Stellenbosch University Choir) [Prod. Venxm BLVD]

BLAQVILLE’s Darne and Venxm BLVD have done it yet again. It seems that this pairing is just one for the books. The new “Benzo Interlude” follows as the third time Darne and Venxm have released work together. What does this say about these two? Should we expect more?

Make sure you listen to Darne’s new release. The boy just gets better with every song bro!!

D.EE XCLSV leaves a solid impression on Vuzu’s “The Hustle”

Yes, it is official!!! Our very own D.EE XCLSV is on Vuzu’s “The Hustle” and man oh man the boy set the bar quite high for the rest of his housemates. Just before he was set to spit his verse, D.EE confidently said, “It’s my time now, I’m about to rap and I have to rap first and I’m trynna KILL it right now”. He really killed it, so hard that even AKA, the SUPA MEGA himself turned to Tumi, who, himself was hit by surprise and said “I told you!”, as D.EE towered over his competitor both on the mic and well what can we say? The man is 2M tall. Well let’s not speculate anything as of yet but the boy surely does look like a favorite to the judges as much as he is to fans. See some of the reactions and comments below:

D.EE still has a very long way to go but we’ve just witnessed him crack through to the Top 14 with ease and you best be sure that he will deliver more excitement to the show as it goes on. Come witness the SPACESHIP take off with the rest of us! Join our Whatsapp group by clicking on this LINK.Β 

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Artist Profile: D.EE XCLSV


NEW HEAT!!! DJ Switch – On The Way (Feat. D.EE XCLSV, Luna Florentino and Maraza)

Pause a bit, breathe a bit, let this marinate a bit… DJ flippen Switch, bro!! DJ Switch has done it! After dropping 4Ways, you would think that he would take a break but what does he do? Call up D.EE, Maraza and Luna for that heat. The boys keep on giving us heat bro, wonder what they have coming next. Let me not say more, listen to “On The Way” and you’ll know.

On The Way


D.EE XCLSV decides to drop dead on Vuzu’s “The Hustle” before dropping a whack verse.

DEMMET D.EE!! The boy got knocked out of Vuzu’s “The Hustle” at top 5 level and if you didn’t watch the show, you missed out on a lot!!

D.EE was forced into the Krusher Battle with Josh and the boy didn’t have a verse ready for it. Now you might think it’s because he can’t spit but nah bro, the verses he had in mind were not good enough for him, personally. So instead of rapping for his life with verses that he didn’t feel, he decided to drop dead from The Hustle. Some may think that this was a bad move for him but D.EE has always had one rule for his rap career, “I’ll drop dead before I drop a whack verse” and he stuck to it. This is a great rule to live by and to take an L like that was respectable. Now listen to him compensating for not having that verse on his freestyle video, “I Didn’t Have A Verse” Below.

Later on today, D.EE XCLSV alongside with Manu Worldstar, Tony ‘x and Luna Florentino will drop a joint EP called “Pissing Off The Neighbors” with lead single, “We Up” coming with a video in no time. It’s about to be a movie!!

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The boys do “Back To The City 2017”

After Cantare, Norvic and Skyline, the boys, D.EE, Luna and Manu took it to the next level with a Back To The City performance.Β With every step they take, they make their intention clearer and clearer; taking the game by storm. Great performance, mind blowing event and this is just the beginning of things… WE ARE COMING!! A collective EP is coming!!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-28 at 08.50.19

You can also expect:

D.EE XCLSV – RED Mixtape

Angie Santana – By The Time You Get This EP

Venxm BLVD – Swish23

Tony_x – (TBA) EP

and also expect Manu Worldstar to give a world class project soon and Luna Florentino putting the finishing touches on his Florentino Mariachi mixtape.

Here are a few pictures of their recent performances.

D.EE XCLSV’s Spaceship is fueling up for Vuzu’s “The Hustle” ep. 2

After a very impressive first show, D.EE jumped right up to crowd favorite on The Hustle but does this make him the man to beat too? The spaceship is now fueling up and getting ready for another show from the boy himself.

Question is: Has he Β set the standard too high for his competition or does he need to step up? Will he proceed into the next episode? Well we can only find out tonight at 19:30 on both Vuzu and Vuzu AMP. Come watch it with us and join the spaceship on WhatsApp.

Check out what people have to say about D.EE on The Hustle below:


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Artist Profile: D.EE XCLSV

Angie Santana to drop “All Of This” on 04.07

We’re proud to announce that Angie Santana will be dropping our first official BLVCK Music drop with “All Of This”, accompanied by Thwenny Twenny and Castino.

The pressure is on for Angie as her last single, “No Condition” caused a heavy stir and she also brought us to our tears with her vocals on Sean Pages’ “Good Thing”. We can promise one thing, though; it is about to be a jump!

This is just the beginning for BLVCK Music, keep checking for more updates and more music to come soon.