Kwesta finally gives us the Spirit Music Video

After almost two weeks, Kwesta decides to finally let go of the Spirit visuals which features Wale.


It’s been a really long wait since the song’s release but the visuals are finally here!! No gas, but this video could definitely fall into top 5 most ICONIC music videos this country has ever seen. With next level cinematography, mind blowing scenery and the tribute to Kaizer Chiefs legend, Scara Ngobese. Kwesta has made, what already is a great song, a masterpiece.


This video not only tells Kwesta’s story but the story of millions of people in South Africa. Our daily lives, our daily struggles and also our daily triumphs. In the short space of 4 minutes and 25 seconds, he has caught the essence of what it is to be a South African and the kind of diversity that graces this land. This is something any BLVCK South African can be proud of. Watch it and make sure you watch it again and again! Here are some scenes from the video:

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You know what’s crazy? This dude put Wale in a taxi!!! Whether he kills taxi maths or nah, we’ll never know LOL!



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