VOOV breaks the net with #VOOVTV

VOOV has definitely changed the face of social media and TV with #VOOVTV.


After becoming the loudest brand in the country since it was made available to South Africans in July. Soon after it’s release, we saw major celebrities like Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle joining the “VOOVment” and from there, we knew that this app meant business!

From that point, the “VOOVment” grew bigger and bigger to a point where roumors on the TL of a “VOOV Tender” started arising because of the app’s rapid growth and constant noise. Yet, regardless of all the roumors, they kept growing and last Friday, the #VOOVTV hit the country, the first of it’s kind in Africa and most probably the world.

What does this mean for TV? What does this for social media? Are we ready for this kind of innovation? What we do know is that VOOV has brought 2037 to us and finally, the revolution can be televised.

Here are what a few tweeps think about #VOOVTV





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