D.EE XCLSV decides to drop dead on Vuzu’s “The Hustle” before dropping a whack verse.

DEMMET D.EE!! The boy got knocked out of Vuzu’s “The Hustle” at top 5 level and if you didn’t watch the show, you missed out on a lot!!

D.EE was forced into the Krusher Battle with Josh and the boy didn’t have a verse ready for it. Now you might think it’s because he can’t spit but nah bro, the verses he had in mind were not good enough for him, personally. So instead of rapping for his life with verses that he didn’t feel, he decided to drop dead from The Hustle. Some may think that this was a bad move for him but D.EE has always had one rule for his rap career, “I’ll drop dead before I drop a whack verse” and he stuck to it. This is a great rule to live by and to take an L like that was respectable. Now listen to him compensating for not having that verse on his freestyle video, “I Didn’t Have A Verse” Below.

Later on today, D.EE XCLSV alongside with Manu Worldstar, Tony ‘x and Luna Florentino will drop a joint EP called “Pissing Off The Neighbors” with lead single, “We Up” coming with a video in no time. It’s about to be a movie!!

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