Department Of Education Rumored To Distribute Sanitary Pads To Schools.

After countless campaigns dedicated to helping underprivileged girls of South Africa with sanitary pads, it seems that the Department Of Education has taken the necessary step and will be distributing government issue sanitary pads.

This is a good step forward and it goes to show how powerful social media is. It is because of campaigns like #RealPads4change and #GirlsMatterDrive that pushed us South Africans to make a difference in lives that are not our own, too. We have seen the impact of these campaigns affect hearts of South Africa’s rich and famous.

Here are some tweets about the campaign:

Hopefully we will see these sanitary pads being distributed very soon and as fair as possible. Meanwhile please continue donating and supporting each and every one of these campaigns. Updates about Government Sanitary pads will be posted as soon as we find any official statement about the matter.

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