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Born Siya Mkhize in Durban and now hails in Midrand is RnB soon to be superstar, KLY (Keep Love Young). He is personally my favorite RnB musician that breathes air right now but we can have that debate at another day.

My first listen of this artist was in November 2015, with the second song on his SoundCloud called “Real Mjita” and I WAS AMAZED!! From that point onward, I tried finding this guy and couldn’t get more music and March 2016 came, KLY had partnered up with 808 king, Wichi 1080 on his first single, “Soul Touch”, from his first offering “KLYMAX”. From that point I knew, for sure, that this might as well be one of the best RnB artists that this country has ever seen and the first edition of “KLYMAX” proved me right!!


From that point, I saw strong features for the boy, your Maggz, DJ Maphorisa(I really lost count of those), Priddy Ugly, he was everywhere and all of them KILLED!! To top all of that off, he goes stratospheric and makes music with Wizkid!! With all of that came the single, which in my opinion got the national recognition that he should be in the least getting, is “Too Much” featuring King Kotini himself, Riky Rick and he STILL wasn’t done. Crisp visuals of “Too Much” come out and he drops the “KLYMAX” reup and that, ladies and gentlemen was just it.


The “KLYMAX reup” took flight, it is impossible to skip through this project as the KLY mixes emotion, friendships, relationships (some quite interesting) and good times in a perfect 12 track package. My only wish was for him to squeeze “Timeline” somewhere in there. In this project, I think that he tells a story of how he is mistaken as a bad guy, yet all he is is just imperfect. A true piece of art and the level of detail that in each song is just world class. If you haven’t heard hear this project as of yet, I suggest that you do NOW.

And if you haven’t, watch the video of “Too Much” as the rest of us wait for his his second single off this spectacular piece of music.

Don’t forget to follow this guy, ladies, you will love him. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this year.

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